5 Ways to Personalize Your Northern Michigan Wedding

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We’re keeping it simple for you today with five of our favorite ways to personalize your Northern Michigan wedding!

There’s so much to consider as you plan your wedding. We’ve been there, done that, and recognize how easy it is to get overwhelmed by wedding planning. This is your reminder that your wedding is a celebration of your love. It’s okay (and actually best) to create a day that’s customized to your personality.

1. Choose a location that means something to you as a couple

First, consider your location and venue. Make your wedding venue meaningful by selecting a location based on memories, not just aesthetics. Build on a place with great memories by creating new ones there, too!

Marko & Sheena had their wedding at her aunt’s camp in Bootjack. Their invitations said, “Nothing fancy, just fun,” and their day was picnic-perfect. Friends gathered to watch them exchange vows, then everyone kicked off their shoes as they played lawn games and caught up with long-time acquaintances.

Aaron & Brittany love to ski each winter at Mount Bohemia, so it felt natural to bring their loved ones north to enjoy their favorite getaway.

2. Personalize your Northern Michigan Wedding by having a friend or relative be your officiant

Whether you have a 5-minute or a 25-minute ceremony, a good officiant will make it memorable. Reading a speech out of a binder is so 2019. Rob’s and my favorite ceremonies are always the ones officiated by people who know the wedding couple. Personalize your Northern Michigan wedding by having someone who knows you knows you instead of a hired officiant who gives the same speech weekend after weekend. They’ll be able to include the little inside jokes known only to your family and talk to you as a friend. More importantly, they’ll be able to give their first-hand impressions after seeing your relationship grow.

upper peninsula elopement ceremony
Brianna’s father officiated her wedding to Kyle and there wasn’t a dry eye to be seen, including mine.

3. Include a family heirloom

Another thoughtful way to personalize your Northern Michigan wedding is by including a family heirloom. Your wedding day is not only the start of a new life together, but also a way to embrace the legacy you were raised with. These sentimental touches are always my favorite thing to learn about and photograph.

For Claire, her “something old” was a cherished pin from her grandmother which she pinned on her bouquet, as well as her pearl necklace.

ways to personalize your northern michigan wedding, family heirloom

A special addition to Ross and Abby’s wedding day was this Ford Mustang! Ross’s grandparents had a Mustang the first year they came out, and they cherish their wedding pictures with it. Abby and Ross recreated his grandparents’ wedding picture using their 50th-anniversary edition Mustang.

4. Personalize your Northern Michigan Wedding by writing your own wedding vows

Our wedding in 2011 consisted of traditional vows only. While at the time it didn’t seem out of the ordinary (it wasn’t), we love that many couples now choose to write their own vows. It makes the ceremony so much more personal!

tips for writing your own wedding vows and making them personal, ways to personalize your northern michigan wedding

My personal favorite was Chaz and Alison’s wedding vows. Throughout their time dating they left each other sweet messages on sticky notes (starting from the first one Alison left on Chaz’s car after work). Not only did they find ways to include sticky notes throughout their wedding day, Chaz pulled his vows out … on a string of sticky notes!

Read more about writing your own wedding vows here.

5. Add an inside joke to your wedding cake

ways to personalize your northern michigan wedding, dog cake topper

In recent years, we’ve seen a trend away from large wedding cakes in favor of smaller cakes and a variety of other desserts on the table. Justin and Jessy personalized their cake by including a figurine of their dog, Duke on the platter.

ways to personalize your northern michigan wedding, cake toppers

Abby and Ross have always told each other “I otterly love you.” Therefore, it was only fitting to use otters as their wedding toppers!

See more ideas for your wedding desserts here.

These are our top five ways to personalize your wedding! Do you have more suggestions? Share them in the comments below! 🙂

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