Fine Art Heirloom Products

I am a full-service photographer.

What does this mean? I have a full blog post on that here!

In short, it means I do all of the work for you! I don’t believe it’s enough to just hand you a USB and hope you figure out what to do next. Instead, I make it super easy for you to enjoy your images

Your story deserves to be displayed, showcased, and shared as art.

The beautiful thing about physical products is the fact that they ARE physical. You can see, touch, and enjoy them easily.

Digital images must constantly be pulled up to view.

Physical items already sit on the shelf or hang on the wall, which means your eyes are naturally drawn to them every day.

In contrast, digital products are easily lost, even ignored.

build your legacy wall one year at a time

Whether you are ready to design a full gallery wall or hang one new frame, let me help you document your family’s legacy. Heirloom art will last over the years and serves as a beautiful, classic way to display your family heritage.

Are you overwhelmed about the process?

That’s totally understandable! I walk you through each step, from planning the location, what your family should wear, and what types of products will best suit your home. After the session, I assist in ordering, either in person or virtually, and even help you hang your framed prints in your home!

Did you know?
I personally review each image before I send it out to print and again before I pass the print on to you, ensuring every image is of the highest quality to protect your investment.

What types of products do you offer?

Custom Album Designs

These deluxe albums are my most popular product of 2022! Albums aren’t just for weddings anymore. My heirloom albums are handcrafted in Europe and are available in sizes 8×8 up to 12×12 inches including your choice of faux leather, linen, velvet, suede, or acrylic photo cover.

Albums are a great choice for high school seniors, families, and weddings. You may not always have room on your walls – especially if you have an open floor plan – but you’ll always have a shelf or coffee table to display an album!

Folio Box With Matted Fine Art Prints

The folio box is the ideal presentation product, easy to display and store! You will receive a handcrafted box with a linen or leatherette cover containing a selection of 5 to 20 elegant, matted prints ready to display in a frame, on an easel, or gift to family and friends. Add a USB drive for a truly complete experience with the benefits of both print and digital!

5x7 pink folio box from upper peninsula senior pictures in ontonagon michigan

Custom Framing

Over time, I’ve seen many people order prints only to procrastinate on actually getting them framed and on their walls, so I’ve taken an additional step to simplify things for you. With a wide variety of frame materials and colors, I’m sure we will be able to create the design you’ve always pictured!

framed pictures and an album sit on a white desk
Framed 11 x 14 and 8 x 10 prints
16×20 Silver Beaded Frame
collage frame with fine art prints
10 x 20 Framed Collage

Professional Fine Art Prints

How do you determine quality? One key is consistency. I have been using the same professional print lab for over SIX YEARS. What does this mean for you? When you place your order through me, you can trust you will receive beautiful bright and vibrant images that match what you saw on your screen!

Learn more about the difference between professional and local one hour drugstore printing here!

While I do provide standard style prints including wallets (a favorite for high school seniors), I encourage you to check out my fine art matte prints – these stand miles apart from the rest! Fine art prints are one of my favorite products to showcase either as part of a folio box or in a custom frame.

I am obsessed with these fine matte prints. They are gorgeous!

-Megan B.

Premium Archival Quality Canvas Wraps

If you’ve ordered a canvas on your own from somewhere like Shutterfly or Walmart, you probably aren’t a big fan of canvas – and that’s understandable! Whether the corners fell loose a few months later, or your child decided to use it as a bongo drum (with less than stellar results), canvas wraps have received a bad name in recent years.

Let me show you the difference between a professional canvas wrap and a Walmart/Shutterfly canvas!

My premium canvas wraps arrive professionally mounted to a solid wood structure, never just stretched around a cheap hollow frame. What does this mean for you? They are guaranteed to never sag or warp (with correct care). My lab is also one of only a few labs in the world to be G7 Color Certified. This is the industry’s most prestigious award for color management and consistency for vibrant, true to life images!

In addition, the archival quality canvas is treated with a protective UV coating, making it resistant to fading over time. Your memories will always be as beautiful as the day you put it on your wall!

Custom USBs

blue white folio box with fine art matted frames products

Make sure you back up your memories. Don’t just download them on your phone! Order a folio box or deluxe album box set and receive a matching USB with your purchased images.

If you’re not quite ready to settle on a frame, no worries!

I provide quality custom packaging to ensure unframed prints make it to their destination safely!

If you love the products I offer but aren’t sure what will look best in your home, click the button below for more ideas!

I’m also happy to share ideas of exactly how to display your prints and other products in YOUR home during your virtual viewing session!

Why should I order products through you?

Inconsistent coloring – pixelated and blurry images – too orange, green, or purple – these are just a few of the common issues I see with quick print services like Walmart and Shutterfly.

Need a visual? Amanda Jackson Photo has a great visual guide for you here!

Ordering through a professional service ensures your pictures will stand the test of time. There’s nothing worse than discovering a precious family memory has faded to a dim brown or yellow. We’ve all spent a day pouring over scrapbooks with our parents trying to discern which family member is which!

I’ve been working with the same professional lab for over six years. I have complete confidence in the service they provide, and I pass that along to your family.

print products it's worth it
I love helping families preserve their memories by designing fine art heirlooms for their homes, from custom wall art to handcrafted albums to hold and share what matters most.

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