Why You’ll Love Working with Enjoy the VU Photography LLC For Your Wedding

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Enjoy the VU Photography – Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan Wedding Photographers

Searching for your wedding photographers probably feels like a daunting task. Scanning websites in search of the person or people that will capture one of the most epic and fleeting days of your life – no pressure! Listen, we get it! We’ve been there, done that with our own wedding in 2011 – and there weren’t NEARLY as many websites to scroll through back then. 😉

That’s why the goal behind Enjoy the VU Photography is to help busy couples like you have a meaningful wedding experience without the stress.

What Makes Enjoy the Vu Photography Different?

We’re one of the ONLY full-time husband and wife photography teams living in and serving the Upper Peninsula. That means when you book Enjoy the VU Photography for your wedding, you know you’re not hiring a main photographer and whoever she can find that’s available to work as the second photographer for the weekend. You’re getting a team – Veronica AND Rob. After years of photographing weddings together, we know each other’s rhythms and how to contribute to make the day flow smoothly. Additionally, you’re not paying travel and hotel fees to bring us up from downstate.

Another feature we often hear our couples comment on is how much they love that we include a wedding album in every wedding collection. We know you’re busy, so we’ll draft the initial design and send it over the same day we deliver your full wedding gallery. Then all you need to do is review and approve it so we can send it off to print – after you request any revisions, of course.

“Having them design a wedding album after everything was over with, is SO AWESOME … and it’s included, which means by the time you get it, it’s FREE … We ended up adding pages to the album because we just couldn’t choose from all the beautiful pictures Veronica and Rob took!”

Justin & Jessy D.

What To Expect – How To Book

Okay, this all sounds great, you’re thinking, but what should I expect if I do book you guys as my wedding photographers?

First, you’re going to want to click the button below to let us know you want more information.

Please be sure to tell us where you’re getting married and what date – you wouldn’t believe how often these two necessary details get missed 🙂

As soon as you click submit, you should get an automated confirmation email with more information and a link to our calendar to schedule your welcome call! What if we don’t have your date available? We promise to let you know within 48 hours.

This Zoom welcome call generally takes 20-30 minutes. (We’ve got a blog post on what we talk about here.) We really love when we can get to know both of you on this call, and you’re able to ask any questions you have, too. If you need vendor recommendations or any other suggestions, ask away! We love helping couples in any way we can, not just photography-related. After our call, we’ll send over your booking proposal and put a “soft hold” on your date for seven days. We don’t believe in high-pressure sales and want to give you time to talk over everything and feel comfortable moving forward.

What To Expect – Post Booking

After you’re officially booked, we promise we won’t ghost you. (We’ve all heard those horror stories of the vendors who take your deposit and don’t email again until MAYBE the week before.) With your permission, we’ll add you to our Enjoy the VU Photography Wedding Email List where you’ll get a short series of biweekly emails with our best tips and tricks to help you with planning. We’ll also send over a short getting-to-know-you questionnaire to help us start planning for your engagement session!

Every Enjoy the VU Photography couple also gets a personal Client Portal for an easy way to keep track of all of your wedding photography communication, payments, and more.

Enjoy the VU Photography client portal

Depending on how far out you book your wedding, we’ll send over a wedding questionnaire 6-8 months ahead of time. This helps us start building your wedding timeline so you have plenty of time to plan. We always reassure our couples that building a timeline months ahead of time doesn’t mean everything is set in stone. Think of it as a guideline to help coordinate the day so you’re not stressing about all the little details the week before. (Click here to read more about wedding timeline planning.)

We promise, we keep the forms and questionnaires to a minimum. 😉 However, this little bit of planning early on helps us to serve you better! Through our years of photographing weddings, we’ve tweaked our systems to find the most efficient and effective way to serve you and give you a full-service experience. We’ve built these two questionnaires in a way to collect all the information we need in the early stages, before you’re swamped finalizing a million details when the last thing you want to do is answer one more email.

In Closing –

We’re here to help you have a seamless wedding experience so you can relax and celebrate with friends and family. Through our years of photographing weddings as a team, we’ve tweaked our process to be simple and efficient so you can have a low-stress wedding day. We understand you’re probably new to this process and it feels overwhelming right now. That’s okay! After 12+ years of marriage, we love being a resource for couples planning their weddings. We can’t wait to meet you soon!

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