FAQ: Have You Photographed A Wedding At Our Venue Before?

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“Have you photographed at our wedding venue before?”

This is a common fear among brides, and also something I often see as a “must ask” / “must have” on recommendation lists on bridal blogs. While I understand this fear as a bride, let me share with you as a seasoned wedding pro what I do if I haven’t worked at your venue before!
First of all – let me say that we LOVE working at new wedding venues! While there’s something to be said for the comfort of being in a familiar place, I love the energy in a new location. I’m always excited to work somewhere brand new and stretch creatively. 😍 We traveled to new states and venues in 2023, and LOVED it!

With that out of the way, here are the practical ways I prepare to work in a new wedding venue:

✅ I do ALL of the research ahead of time. I Google the website, research Pinterest, and utilize Instagram locations and hashtags. This helps me see how the space was previously used. I start by evaluating what I love about the venue as well as what I need to work around. If I see a lot of weddings using the location the same way (think dress displayed in the same spot, etc) I’ll challenge myself to look for ways to do things differently so your images are unique and special.
✅ I also get a little nerdy. 🤓 I have a sun app that helps me get an idea where the sun will be at different parts of the day on the property. Although lighting can vary so much by the day (because even cloudy vs blue skies will affect the light quality), I still like to have any piece of information I can before arriving.

These two simple strategies give me a pretty good understanding of the property before your wedding day. Usually, by the time I arrive, I can start piecing all of the research and areas together so I feel like I have been there already!

Oh, and PS – this picture from Jade & Joe’s wedding was a product of the strategies above 😍

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