Michigan Wedding Photographer: Questions I Ask YOU!

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As a Michigan wedding photographer, I take the responsibility of capturing your wedding day seriously. That’s why I require a connection call before you can officially book your wedding date.

Did you know the wedding photographer you choose is one of the biggest influences on how your wedding day runs? In addition to finding a photographer with plenty of weddings under their belt (because – duh, that’s a given), you also want to consider personality.

Wait – what? As long as they have the skill, isn’t that enough to choose them as my Michigan wedding photographer?

Not nearly.

Your wedding photographers’ personalities must mesh with your family and bridal party. We will be with you from the time you get your hair done until we end with sparklers or smoke bombs!

Can you imagine spending the day with someone you just never quite “click” with? A person in the room while you’re getting dressed that just makes you feel uncomfortable. The person dealing with all your family and friends during family formals and bridal portraits and something just feels .. off?

Yeah – we can’t, either.

While we can’t realistically become BFFs with every single one of our couples, it’s important that we get to know them ahead of time and get a feel for what type of event they are planning. This way we contribute the most positively to one of the most important days of your life!

What to expect during your connection call

After filling out our wedding inquiry form, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to schedule your connection call. In addition to providing a free wedding planning guide (you can also sign up for that here), I provide a link to one of our popular blog posts, 27 questions to ask your Northern Michigan wedding photographer. Our brides find this incredibly helpful to get most of the answers they need quickly!

During our connection call (in person or through Zoom or Facetime) Rob and I welcome any and all questions you have! More than likely it’s your first – and hopefully only – time planning such a large event, and we’re open books when it comes to helping you out.

We also have a short list of questions that we ask you to help ascertain where you are at planning-wise, and how we can best serve you. These questions also come in handy when it comes to finding the right wedding collection for you. Rest assured – this isn’t a high pressured sales meeting pushing you towards maxing out your budget. It’s just a chance to get to know you as a couple and make sure we’re a good fit. (Full disclosure – It also gives me a way to filter out potential bridezillas ahead of time πŸ˜‰ )

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Questions I ask as a Michigan wedding photographer

Rob sits in on your call with me, although he leaves most of the questions – and all of the notetaking πŸ˜‰ – to me. We encourage you to schedule a time when the two of you can both participate in this call. It’s been our experience that our favorite couples – the ones we’ve clicked with the most – are the ones where the call had all four of us versus just me and the bride.

Note – I don’t always ask each and every one of these questions, as we try to keep these calls to 20-30 minutes.

Where are you at in the wedding process? (venue, date, other vendors booked)
What made you choose your venue?
How did you two meet?
How did he propose?
What does your perfect wedding day look like?
Do you have an estimate on guests attending?
Have you considered if you want to do a first look?
What images do you want to see in your album 20 years from now? (Which ones/what types of pictures are most important?)
What do you want your guests to say about your wedding when they leave?
How would you describe yourselves as a couple?
What do you expect from us as your photographers?

michigan wedding photographer

Wrapping up your wedding photography consult call

After we cover the questions listed above (and as long as Rob gives me the green light), we’ll let you know that your date is available and we would love to be your wedding photographers! You’ll have already been provided a copy of our wedding collections ahead of time, and we’ll pull this up again and let you know which two of the four we feel will be the best fit based on what you are planning. (A wedding consisting of multiple locations between getting ready, ceremony, and reception will require more time than a one location intimate 20 person ceremony + dinner event.)

We are also happy to give recommendations on other vendors including florists, caterers, and more depending on what you are still looking for.

After we log off I’ll send over the link to your proposal for review. We offer a complimentary 7 day hold on your date after our call; we don’t want you to rush into making a decision on the spot just to check it off your list. However, if you let this proposal expire know we may have already opened up your date again to other inquiring couples, so if anything comes up in the week after please communicate with us so we know you haven’t ghosted us πŸ˜‰

Your proposal allows you to select your package, sign your contract, and pay your retainer all at one link, instead of downloading / printing / mailing multiple pieces of paper! Ecofriendly and time-saving – that’s our goal! Once all three parts of the proposal are complete you are officially booked and we’ll do a happy dance for you! (I’ve tried to get Rob to let me video this, but so far that’s a no go … )

bride and groom portraits at tobacco river park beach before keweenaw wedding

That’s all I have for you today! I hope you find this helpful as you plan your wedding. I can’t wait for our consult call with you!

Be sure to click the posts below for more information and to see if I am the right Michigan wedding photographer for you!

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