Wedding Details Aren’t Just For Pinterest, They’re For YOU!

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Why are wedding details important images from your wedding?

Detail shots capture parts of your day that you might not be present for or noticing during the craziness of the day. As a storyteller, these small details help craft the whole story for you to look back on in 30 years.

Are these the images you will hang on your wall? Probably not.
Are these the images that will transport you back to the planning and specialness of making your day your own? Absolutely!

These are the parts of your day that may not stand out to those around you, but you took the time to select and have important meanings to you. As you flip through your wedding album in years to come, these are the little memories you will share with your children. You placed a love lock and threw away the key, so thank goodness you have pictures to share!

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Veronica’s Story (I’m On My Soapbox Again)

In addition, this is a part of Rob’s and my wedding day that I don’t have pictures of. Okay, yes, technically we have one picture of our rings hanging cheesily off my bouquet that she snapped at some point during the reception. (It was 2011, after all.) But individual images of our rings, flowers, our wedding invitation – I don’t have those. The beautiful little bits of our day that we planned to make our wedding extra meaningful to us are only visible as glimpses in the background.

My husband lost his original wedding ring five years after we were married – and I don’t have a single picture of it.

I remember what our wedding invitation had at the top (Song of Solomon 8:6), but I don’t have any images of it in our album. Nearly ten years ago – I know there’s no hope of finding a leftover invite anymore.

I wish our photographer had been more proactive in this aspect. It would have been so quick and easy for me to have a little basket ready for her. I had no idea how much those things would mean to me later, and she didn’t communicate much at all with us beforehand.

That’s why I’m over here standing on my soapbox, encouraging you to take ten or fifteen minutes the week before to make sure you have everything prepared. Your wedding is special, and memory isn’t always what we hope it will be.

I love capturing all the little details you’ve carefully chosen to be a part of your wedding day so you can enjoy them for years to come!

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How To Prep Wedding Details

Once we arrive, we plan about an hour to capture and style wedding details while you finish getting ready, before you get in your dress. It’s best to plan to get ready in an area with windows to fill the room with natural light (more is better, although we recognize this isn’t always possible). Also, this shouldn’t be the same room as suitcases and other general clutter if you can plan it!

If you can, it’s best for both of us if you collect your rings, jewelry, shoes, veil, perfume, invitation suite, and any other keepsakes together in one spot. A small storage bin with lid like this one would be perfect because you can pack everything the week before and can rest easy knowing nothing will go missing! Please unwrap your dress so it has time to air out and hang, but don’t worry about styling it – we’ll hang it in a beautiful spot! 😉

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wedding at chamberlins ole forest inn, wedding details, wedding gown hanging in gazebo

Bridal Details Checklist 

Dress Hanger
Rings (3 rings: engagement and wedding bands of bride & groom)
Hair pieces
Invitation Suite ( Full set with envelopes )
Any other paper stationary you may have like program cards
Ring Box
Letters if you are exchanging ahead of time (bride to have both)
Vows book (bride to have both)
Any other sentimental keepsakes you would like to include

This is completely optional – but if you have something sentimental you’d like styled with your details, we love including family heirlooms in our detail shots.

Bonus: We’d love to have a few cuts of the florals you’ll be using throughout your wedding day. If your florist will supply us a small bucket of extra pieces we can incorporate those in your detail shots.

Groom Details Checklist

Socks (if they’re special)
Cuff Links
Tie or Bow Tie
Pocket Square
Vows Book (Bride to have both)
Rings (Give to bride)
Anything else he’ll have that is special or sentimental.

Where to next? Read how to clean your rings in preparation for your wedding here!

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