How to Start Planning Your Dream Wedding

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So, you’ve got the ring and (more importantly) the person you want to spend your life with, now what? The thought of planning your wedding can be overwhelming, and getting started is the hardest part! There are so many pieces that need to fall into place before you can see the big picture. Here are a few helpful tips on how to start planning your dream wedding:

How to Start Planning Your Dream Wedding

Feed the Dream

A girl can dream, right? Talk to your partner and decide what your dream wedding looks like. When you think of your big day, what do you see? Are you outdoors with your closest friends and family? Are you renting a venue and dancing the night away?

Before you start planning, get a vision of what you want your day to look like, and then go from there. And remember, it’s okay if this vision changes as you start your research.

What You Should Decide First When Planning Your Dream Wedding

Set the date. Setting a wedding date can be simultaneously scary and exciting. Once you choose a date, the countdown clock starts ticking. However, this big step is necessary to get to all of the other steps. You need to know your date so you can start researching and booking your vendors. You can’t officially reserve your wedding date with most vendors without a date – simply because we can’t guarantee we will be available yet!

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What Wedding Vendors You Should Book First For Your Dream Wedding

There is no one right answer to the question, “What wedding vendors should we book first for our dream wedding?”

Each couple has different values and priorities – that’s what makes your wedding special and unique! If you’ve been faithfully following a specific business on social media for weeks or months and absolutely know you have to have them as a part of your wedding, that’s who you want to reach out to first.

Additionally, as a general rule plan to book the vendors who only have one booking available for your date first. One a wedding venue is booked for a date, it’s considered “off the market” for any other couples looking to reserve that location. Similarly, wedding planners, photographers, and videographers who are with you for your entire wedding day will book up quickly.

Other wedding vendors such as hair & makeup, florists, and rentals companies will vary based on how large their teams are and how they choose to operate.

Types of Wedding Vendors to Consider

Wedding planner
The venue – are you having your ceremony and reception in the same place or two different locations?
Hair & makeup
Wedding cake bakery
Wedding officiant
Rentals company (tents, chairs, tables, a wedding arch, etc)
Transportation company
Vacation rental house / hotel for getting ready
Attire – wedding gown, bridesmaids dresses, suits, and tuxedos

Things To Consider When Planning Your Dream Wedding

Set a budget

Unfortunately, most weddings aren’t cheap. According to The Knot, in 2019 the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. was about $30,000 (Yikes!). Of course, that number isn’t right for everyone, and it’s important to know and stick to your budget so you’re not starting your life together in debt.

Having a cost in mind before you start researching vendors is key. Also, decide which vendors you’re willing to splurge on. Is music super important to the both of you? If so, maybe you’ll spend a little more on your DJ or entertainment and make sacrifices elsewhere.

Additionally, remember that your budget may need to be adjusted as you begin to research vendors. For instance, you may feel $300 is a reasonable amount to spend on bouquets for you and your four bridesmaids. However, as you start researching, you find that at the local florist a bridal bouquet alone is $100-300 and bridesmaids bouquets range from $50-150. Are you going to adjust your floral budget to get that perfectly dreamy bouquet at the top of your Pinterest board, or are you going to go a different direction and make your bouquets yourself?

Find a venue

Once you have a vision, a budget, and a date in mind, you can start looking for your dream wedding venue. This part of the process can be fun. Make a day of it! Schedule a tour, and then plan to grab lunch or dinner near the venue.

When scheduling tours, make sure you keep your budget in mind. It may even be a good idea to find out what the base cost is first, that way, you won’t fall in love with something that is over your wedding budget. Also, try to be flexible with your date. During busy seasons, your date may not be available, or maybe the venue offers a discounted rate to have your big event on a Friday instead of a Saturday. Having your wedding during the off season, or on a Friday, could help make your dream venue affordable.

Choose your colors

This sounds like a simple step, but it actually sets the rest of your wedding planning in motion. Once you choose your colors, you can choose your bridal party attire, invitations, flowers, and décor for the big day. Knowing your color palate will help you add clarity to your overall vision.

Tip: Already stressed out? Consider hiring a wedding planner, a day of coordinator, or recruit a trusted, organized family member to help you with planning. That way you can delegate tasks and shape your wedding day without all the stress.

No matter what details you choose, remember that in the end all that matters is the person standing next to you and the memories you make together. Happy planning!

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