Wedding Veil Pros, Cons, and Things to Consider

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“Should I wear a wedding veil?” This is a super common question from brides and I’m here to share the pros, the cons, and things to consider as you plan your bridal look.

I didn’t wear a veil for our wedding in 2011, just a tiara. While I was pleased with how things came together, in hindsight I wish I had at least tried on some wedding veils to see how they could have played a part. I thought that if I wore a veil I would have to wear it all day, and that seemed like just one more thing to worry about.

False. In our experience, most brides DON’T wear their wedding veils the WHOLE day! Let’s talk about what to consider with a wedding veil.

Wedding Veil Pros

Adding a veil WILL give you additional photo opportunities simply because it’s an extra element to play with. This means more variety for your portraits. Is your Pinterest wedding board full of images with brides wearing veils? If you’re in love with the veil aesthetic already in your inspiration images, then you already know you’ll love wedding images that incorporate a veil.

Are you looking for a traditional, classic wedding look? If you like the idea of keeping with some wedding traditions, then a veil can make your look feel complete. It’s also probably the only time in your life that you will even consider wearing a veil!

I often use your wedding veil while taking detail images as a way to soften images or add some extra texture.

bridesmaids adjust dress and wedding veil before first look
bride and groom kiss veil shot black white

Wedding Veil Cons

Will a veil hide your hairpiece? If you have a special hairpiece – like a family heirloom – you may decide to forgo the veil. You can also decide to wear your veil only for the ceremony and some portraits and then remove it later. (We’ll talk about that more below.)

What does your dress look like? If the back of your dress is super dramatic (think open back or lots of beading or buttons) you may not want to cover it with a veil even for part of the day.

Other Things to Consider When Selecting a Veil

What is your wedding venue like? Location is so important due to the weather. If your venue is located near the water or at a higher altitude, it’ll be a little windier than a wedding that’s indoors. Keep the weather in mind when picking your veil (and every other wedding day detail!)

Additionally, if you’re selecting an outdoor location, consider the length of your veil so it doesn’t get snagged on foliage or rough terrain. A cathedral-length veil is a stunning addition for a wedding that’s held indoors; however, it might become a windsail if you’re planning a lakeside wedding!

What color is your veil? Sometimes pure white veils can photograph blue (which is also true with pure white dresses as well)! The best colors from a photography standpoint are off-white, creams, and light ivories. However, my biggest recommendation on veil color is to make sure it matches your gown! As a photographer, the biggest mistake I see with wedding veils is a veil that is much too yellow against a super white gown. This can make even an expensive veil look cheap, and it can make editing difficult. 🙁

bridal portraits with wedding veil

Are you still on the fence about whether to wear a veil?

Remember how I said some brides wear their veil only for the ceremony and some portraits and then remove it later? Consider this option: if you’re sharing a first look before the ceremony, I suggest waiting on the veil and adding it just before the ceremony starts.

First of all, it’s something your groom hasn’t seen already. It’s also a way to look a little EXTRA bridal when you’re coming down the aisle! 

Additionally, placing the wedding veil just before the ceremony ensures your veil will look fresh and clean, not wrinkled or damaged.

Bonus – you get two different bridal “looks” to your portraits by splitting the time you wear your veil!

FAQ: What is best to get those flowy “flying” veil shots?

One last thing to consider – as your wedding photographer, I feel that it’s my duty to let you know that not all veils have equal flying power. If these aren’t the images you’re most obsessed with, then no worries! However, I’d hate for you to be disappointed on your wedding day if you realize your veil is too heavy to get the “veil in the wind” shot you were hoping for.

october wedding at interlaken resort in michigan, wedding veil floats in wind

Here are some tips for selecting a veil that can easily go airborne and is extra photogenic:

👰🏻 Avoid heavy beading and detail that weighs down your veil. A little beading on the edges is helpful for a windy location, but if there’s a lot of beading throughout or heavy embellished lace around the border it won’t fall as naturally when tossed.

💍 One layer is best for flying veils! Multiple layers of tulle can be hard to toss.

🎊 Fine tulle flies more freely.

💋 Select a veil at least medium length (falling by your elbows) for optional fluffing and flying.

I know these are some of the things that you would probably never think about, but they make a big difference for us as photographers on the wedding day! At the end of the day, what you wear is completely up to you, but I hope this article helped you make an informed decision. 🙂
Are you looking for more wedding veil and bridal accessory ideas? Check out my friend Jaël’s Etsy shop Sugar Rose Gardens for stunning veils and headpieces.

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