Fresh or Faux: Why You Should Use Real Flowers For Your Wedding

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This is going to be controversial – but there’s one clear choice when deciding on flowers for your wedding.

I’m begging you to steer clear of the silk “faux” flowers for your wedding and opt for real blooms.

Listen, I get it – you’ve been told:

🌼 “No one can tell the difference.”
🌷 “They’ll droop by the reception anyway.”
🌹 “Then you’ll be able to save them forever!”

Why You Should Use Real Flowers For Your Wedding white roses

Fact – we can see the difference! ESPECIALLY as your wedding photographers. 🙅🏻‍♀️ We’re going to be up close and personal for detail images, and there’s just no comparison.

Fact – you can save them forever anyway! Keep reading 😉

Fresh versus Fake Wedding Flowers: Cost Comparison

Using silk or other types of faux flowers is often touted as a way to save money for your wedding. This is a common misconception. Believe it or not, really good fake flowers made of silk are often more expensive than real flowers!

Additionally, even if you go for high-end faux flowers, it’s easy to tell your flowers are fake from a close distance. If you’re having a small, intimate wedding, your guests will definitely be able to tell the difference.

If you’re looking for ways to stretch your flower budget, look for ways to reuse your flowers. Can the flowers from your ceremony arch be reused at the reception?

Justin & Jessy repurposed their ceremony flowers by Weddings by Jeff Heidtman for their bridal table.

Make Your Wedding More Eco-Friendly With Fresh Flowers

Additionally, using locally-grown seasonal flowers is a great way to keep your wedding eco-friendly! Plastic flowers typically aren’t recyclable, which means they end up in landfills when they’re no longer needed. While you may plan to preserve your bouquet forever, your bridal party probably isn’t planning to do the same.

bride and groom portraits at tobacco river park beach before keweenaw wedding, real flowers for your wedding blog
Sheena carried a beautiful wildflower bouquet designed by Protea Floral on her Keweenaw Peninsula wedding day.

If you plan to use real flowers but are looking to keep things sustainable, here are a couple of tips:

Use a local florist or flower farm. Shopping local means your blooms won’t ship as far, which is both good for the environment and for the freshness of your bouquets. (Protea Floral in the Keweenaw sources many of their summer flowers locally.)

Consider choosing flowers and foliage that are naturally in season when you’re getting married. Growing flowers naturally uses a lot less energy, water, and chemicals than ‘forcing’ them to grow out of season (source).

If you’re wondering what wedding flowers will be in season for your big day, Michigan Wedding Guide has a great list here.

The Best Alternative to Real Flowers For Your Wedding

If you decide real blooms just aren’t the right option for you, consider wooden flowers instead! The best faux flowers we’ve seen are by the company Sola Wood Flowers.

sola wood flowers for your wedding cascade bouquet pink and white

Cory and Gabrielle used Sola wooden flowers for their intimate Pictured Rocks wedding, and they were truly stunning. The petals aren’t stiff, but velvety and soft to the touch similar to real petals. One of the top things I hear brides comment on is how heavy their bouquets get during portrait time after the ceremony, but Sola flowers are lighter than real blooms. Additionally, wooden flowers won’t wilt even on the warmest summer day!

sola wood flowers for your wedding pink and white

Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

If you’re looking for a way to keep your flowers forever, consider entrusting your bouquet to Shawna at The Evermore Floweret, a Michigan-based company specializing in wedding bouquet preservation!

Bouquet by Lutey’s Flower Shop
In closing:

At the end of the day, what flowers you have at your wedding are indeed just a small detail in a whirlwind of a day. However, you’ve spent so many months planning to make this a beautiful experience for you and your guests, so elevate your wedding one step by using real flowers.

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