My Favorite Summer Makeup Products

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If you’re like me, you’re currently re-learning how to care for your skin and look your best now that warm weather is here! Planning for pictures is stressful enough already, so I’m sharing my favorite summer makeup products so you have one less thing to worry about.

I’m no YouTube or TikTok influencer chasing the latest trends – while I may try something new once in a while, once I find what works for me, that’s what I stick with! If you haven’t met me before, I have fair skin that leans toward the combination/oily side. If this isn’t you, my favorite summer makeup products may not be yours, and that’s OK too!

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My Favorite Summer Makeup Products – Face

I use a mix of drugstore and higher-end products. While I prefer to save wherever I can, there’s a few products that I’ve never been able to find a good “dupe” for – and generally I only need to purchase one bottle per year, so girl math says it’s an investment, right? 😉 Face sunscreen is one of those that I’m okay splurging on. This Supergoop sunscreen is my favorite. It’s one of the only formulas that doesn’t make my skin break out. Additionally, the texture feels really similar to a primer, so I use it under my foundation in place of makeup primer in the summer. #girlmathwinsagain The 1.7 oz size lasts me the season.

Unless we’re heading to an event, I don’t wear a lot of makeup products in the summer. My go-to makeup is Maybelline Age Rewind concealer (shade fair 110). It provides a natural look and finish but great coverage. Then I use a little bit of this Maybelline Loose Powder (shade light). Although my skin tends to run a bit oily, this keeps me looking natural and shine-free all day.

If we’re heading to a wedding or other special event, I love L’Oreal’s Pro-Glow foundation (mixing shades 201 and 202) and then use this Rimmel powder to set it. Just a tip – L’Oreal has a glow line as well as a matte line. Personally, even with somewhat oily skin I don’t love the matte formula – it’s too drying. Here is the exact brush set I use for powder + setting my makeup.

Summer Eye Makeup

The biggest difference I have seen in high-end versus drugstore makeup is eye products, especially eyeshadow and eyeliner. I only use Tarte eyeshadow; I don’t know what I’ll do the day my Rainforest of the Sea Volume III palette runs out. 🙈 The colors are natural and not too over-the-top, and it stays on all day with minimal creasing.

I’ve tried to find a good drugstore eyeliner for Literally. Years. Trust me when I say nothing compares to Stila Stay All Day eyeliner. Whether you prefer a light line or a wide cat eye, this is the eyeliner for you. I’ve made it through countless long, hot wedding days and my eyeliner has stayed in place. I also recently picked up this Tarte eyeliner that I’ve been really impressed with, although it hasn’t been wedding-day-tested yet.

Last step: mascara! If you want to make your lashes “extra,” start by applying this lash primer. Seriously, it’s a game-changer! I don’t wear it every day, but it’s the perfect way to amplify your makeup for pictures. Follow that (or start with) this L’Oreal Voluminous mascara. My top tip for mascara is to use two different products – first use a thickening mascara (like L’Oreal Voluminous), then follow that with a volumizing mascara like Maybelline Colossal. Using two different mascara wands with two different designs helps to eliminate clumping.

Setting Spray: A Summer Makeup Product Must-Have

There are two setting sprays that I love equally. The only thing that will make me choose one over the other is whether one is on sale vs the other when I’m running low. Urban Decay or Benefit – the choice is yours. Buy a travel size bottle to try it for yourself, and then you’ll be sold on buying the full bottle. I’ve found a full-size bottle lasts a full year plus with daily use. How to use: Spray lightly then use a flat-bristled brush like the one I linked above to “set” your makeup.

Bonus Tip – Don’t Forget Your Scalp!

I used to dread wedding days because I couldn’t wear a hat and I always ended up getting a horrible sunburn down my part line. Then someone introduced me to Supergoop Poof! Y’all, this stuff is AMAZING. It comes out like a couple poofs of baby powder and rubs right in so you can’t see it even in dark hair and works SO WELL. I’ve had the same bottle for two years now and it hasn’t run out, and I never have an itchy, sunburned scalp anymore!

That’s all! Let me know if you found a new favorite makeup product for the summer from my recommendations. One last reminder:

Makeup and Photoshop can correct minor skin issues but they are not magic! Remember to hydrate well and often in the week leading up to your session, get plenty of sleep, and wash your face before bed. Makeup will never replace a good skincare routine!

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