Winter Proposal in Houghton MI – Kevin + Veronica

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Kevin’s wedding proposal to Veronica on a wintry day was definitely one we will talk about for years to come. (And not just because I met another person with my name!)

In early December Kevin reached out to us looking for a photographer to photograph his proposal over Christmas. He was planning to come back home to see family and wanted to propose to his girlfriend while they were up together. (Both of them live out of state.) He was hoping for Covered Road if there was enough fresh snow.

Planning a Winter Proposal in Houghton MI

At this point in December we hadn’t had as much snow as normal, so I wasn’t sure if Covered Road would be the best option. The heavy tree cover means there isn’t always as much on the ground compared to more open areas. However, I told him I would keep an eye on conditions and we could confirm details once he was up. Thankfully, the week of Kevin’s trip we got LOTS of fresh snow – so much, in fact, that Kevin’s initial flight was delayed!

Kevin planned to fly up the day before Veronica, which would give him time to meet us and talk through his winter proposal plans. It’s best when we can do this in person to get an idea of what they have pictured and help them find the perfect position both for him to propose and us to hide! (Sometimes this just isn’t possible, though – and we totally understand! We’re happy to send a video walking through your selected location.)

Mother Nature had other plans. A big snowstorm swept the Midwest, and Kevin ended up spending the night in the Chicago airport. Not ideal – 1) COVID and 2) Veronica and her mom met up with him and all took the same flight up to Houghton the next day. Kevin buried the engagement ring as far into his backpack as possible hoping Veronica wouldn’t accidentally find it. They arrived safely, but that wasn’t the last hiccup in Kevin’s weekend plans …

When Things Don’t Go As Planned –

We met Kevin early Saturday morning, grabbing coffees while it was still dark (and Veronica was still back at the house asleep), and drove out to Covered Road. We selected the crossroad near Grego Farm as “the spot,” since Kevin could pull the car off and we had enough space to park out of sight. After confirming where Kevin would stand and where we would hide, we planned to see them there later that afternoon.

No matter what time of year a proposal is planned, there are bound to be a few hiccups. Fortunately, Rob and I planned to head out a little extra early, which came in handy. A truck had gone off the road (we could see the passengers safely standing off to the side), and the combination of slick snow and steep grade down the side was making it difficult for the tow truck to pull the vehicle out. We sat for a few minutes as the realization sank in that we weren’t going to get through any time soon. I frantically texted Kevin about the change of plans as Rob turned the car around and we started heading the long way around (Superior Road to Liminga Road).

upper peninsula wedding proposal road block

I’m not sure exactly how long we waited, but I sure was grateful for my down parka as I stood behind the snow-covered pine tree, nearly up to my knees in snow. I had my telephoto lens on for a good view with the Grego Farm sign in the background. Rob crouched behind a snow bank with a wide-angle lens so we could capture a variety of images for their winter proposal.

upper peninsula wedding proposal behind the scenes

Houghton Michigan Winter Wedding Proposal

After a little while we saw Kevin pull up. He had suggested a drive around Houghton while there was a break in the snow. They got out and Veronica was shivering as they huddled together for a selfie. I remember thinking that we weren’t going to get very many pictures after if she was already cold! After taking their selfie (which was our cue), Kevin dropped down to one knee.

winter wedding proposal on snowy road
couple celebrate after becoming engaged in winter proposal while snowing in houghton michigan

This was literally the sweetest proposal. Veronica was caught completely off guard – but, of course, said YES!! I was so glad to hop out from behind the tree for a clear shot to catch these sweet moments.

couple celebrate after becoming engaged in winter proposal while snowing in the upper peninsula
couple celebrate after becoming engaged in winter proposal while snowing

Engagement Pictures after Wedding Proposal in the Snow

Rob and I love the time when we finally get to come and introduce ourselves and share why we’re there! After introducing ourselves, we let them know their partner arranged for us to capture their proposal. Additionally, we offer a short 20 minute engagement session so they have some great images to share with family and friends!

While I was initially concerned about Veronica being cold, the adrenaline of getting engaged warmed her up! She was totally game and excited for some engagement pictures.

newly engaged couple embrace after winter proposal in upper peninsula michigan
winter proposal in the snow in december northern michigan
houghton michigan wedding proposal photographer
newly engaged couple after winter proposal in upper peninsula mi

My favorite part of having engagement pictures right after their proposal is watching it sink in – they’re getting married! There’s such a rush and blend of emotions to process resulting in such genuine pictures. I think I relive the emotions just as much as the couple does going through their portraits! 😉

winter engagement pictures on snowy road in houghton michigan
winter engagement pictures on snowy road in houghton mi
houghton michigan wedding photographer

Winter Engagement Pictures on Portage Canal

Because it was so cold (Kevin and Veronica were champs, though), we made sure to keep their portrait session extra short. They also had a surprise party waiting for them back at the house! However, we ended up planning an additional session the next day for a few more pictures in town near the Portage Lift Bridge.

couple walk together in winter engagement session with snow on portage canal
couple walk together in winter engagement session with snow
couple walk together in winter engagement session with snow hancock michigan
couple during winter engagement pictures on wooden bridge
couple laugh during winter engagement pictures on wooden bridge
couple walk together in winter engagement session with snow
playful couple embrace in front of portage lift bridge in houghton county mi
couple share a kiss in front of portage lift bridge in houghton michigan

Veronica and Kevin – congratulations!!! Every vacation is memorable, but we know your winter proposal will always stand out. Rob and I wish you all the best as you start this new chapter!

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