Boy Senior Pictures: What To Wear in 2024

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Listen, I get it – most guys are doing senior pictures just to make mom happy. Even if that’s you, I want to make sure you have a fun experience and are involved from start to finish!

Your senior year of high school is a big deal, so celebrate each step!

The entire focus of your portraits is you! Let’s get creative – outfits, locations, style, & details all help tell your story.

I’ll definitely make sure to take a number of images that meet your school’s yearbook requirements for senior pictures, but we will make sure the focus is capturing images that reflect your individuality.

I work quickly to get all the best shots to make both you and your mom happy! Don’t worry – this won’t be an all day extravaganza.

Most boy senior pictures sessions last approximately an hour.

high school boy senior session on grand marais mi beach

Planning What To Wear For Senior Pictures

While many girls bring three to four different outfits for their pictures, this isn’t the case for most boy senior pictures. Even so, I recommend you bring at least two outfits – one dressy and one casual. This gives a variety in your images that your parents love – which is good news for you, too!

Make sure to try your clothing on ahead of time!

Look out for the following things when trying clothing on:

  • Make sure your pants are the right length both when you are standing and if you do a crouch (you don’t want a gap between your pants and shoes).
  • Your shoes should match your pants – no sneakers with dress pants!
  • Stick with a plain or patterned shirt but avoid logos – unless you’re a paid model for Nike 😉 If all else fails, go with something simple like a solid color t-shirt!
  • Proper fit. Lots of guys like to wear a button-down that is untucked. Consider selecting a slim-fit shirt. Boxy shirts make you appear wider than you are – and no one wants that!
  • Matching socks are a must. If you are wearing slacks, be sure to match your socks to your pants. Black with black. Brown with brown, unless you are wearing dress socks with a crazy pattern because you’re just that kind of guy. 😉
  • Bring a belt. Belts are the  #1 forgotten item at a guy’s senior photo session. Bring it. You’ll need it.
  • If you normally wear a watch, bring that too!

Planning What To Bring For Senior Pictures

If you are involved in any sports, teams, or hobbies make sure to bring your jersey or uniform. After school activities have helped develop you into who you are today, so give a nod to that important part of your life. You can also bring along trophies, medals, footballs, basketballs, hockey sticks, etc.

I also LOVE photographing seniors with their pets, vehicles, etc! This session is all about YOU!

senior boy pictures with hockey stick in copper harbor michigan

A Few Last Things …

  • Cut your hair 1-2 weeks ahead of time. Why not a fresh haircut? Give yourself time to see how to best style your hair so it isn’t unruly in your pictures!
  • Avoid getting sunburned just before your session – you don’t want a red, peeling nose in your portraits.
  • Finally, don’t stress! These are just some helpful reminders to help you have your best senior pictures session!

Having everything planned ahead of time helps you feel comfortable with your choices. In turn, it results in a better experience for both you and your parents!

Plan multiple outfits so your senior pictures have a lot of variety!
Want some ideas for your senior session? Click here to browse my Pinterest board!

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