Now Offering Albums and Custom Framing Services!

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I am so excited to share that in addition to prints and canvas, I am now offering custom framing options and albums! ☃️

After talking to my past clients, I kept hearing that they LOVED their pictures, but they still weren’t up on their walls. “I really need to get around to doing that.”

That’s a problem to me. How could I preach “Frames Not Files” and know that my clients still had their prints packed away in a drawer? I took some time, did the research, and I am so excited for my new product line!

custom framed pictures and album from a winter photography session on a white desk

I’m passionate about helping families preserve their memories by helping them create custom wall art for their homes. Even if you don’t want to put another nail in the wall, a coffee table album is a great way to showcase your family memories!

Custom Framing to Preserve Your Memories

I believe your story deserves to be displayed, showcased, and shared as art. The beautiful thing about physical products is the fact that they ARE physical. You can see, touch, and enjoy them more easily.

Digital products must constantly be pulled up. Physical products are already sitting on the shelf or hanging on the wall – your eyes are drawn to them every day. Digital products are easily lost, even ignored.

custom framing wedding pictures

While I do include digital files for sharing on social media in your gallery, I don’t want you to limit yourself. Get those pictures on your phone. Think bigger and let me help you design something you will enjoy every day in your home, including professionally framed prints, custom canvases, albums, and more!

What Is Involved With Custom Framing?

Whether we are filling a blank wall or adding a couple of new frames to what already exists, I’m excited to help you!

All I need from you is a few quick steps:
1. First, take a picture of your wall(s)!
2. Next, take another picture (standing at the exact same spot as the first picture), and either tape a piece of computer paper on the wall or have someone hold the piece of paper to the wall. This gives me a reference to work on for sizing!
3. Last, simply email me the pictures from your home. I’ll take it from there and share sample ideas based on your needs!

Contact me today so we can start planning how to get some color on those walls!

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  1. Tania

    What an excellent service! Love your display of what you offer!

  2. Taylor

    Albums save marriages! Haha! Love that you are offering this!


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