Foggy Lake Superior Beach Engagement Session – Cody + Chelsea

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It was a quiet, overcast day at Lake Superior for Cody & Chelsea’s beach engagement session.

Although Rob and I have lived in the Upper Peninsula for going on five years now, there is always somewhere new to explore. We love when couples request somewhere meaningful for their engagement session. For Cody and Chelsea, that place is a Lake Superior beach just down the road from where Cody’s parents live, north of Eckerman on Taquahmenon Bay.

Their Story

“We met at the Red Flannel Saloon / Little Falls Inn over 8 years ago. (It’s called the gastro pub I think now.)  I was the bartender and he was a bus boy. We share a love for the outdoors – shooting, kayaking, fishing, disc golfing, and just working on the home we bought last year. We love picking on one another. He thinks he’s got jokes but I’ll never let him win. Laughter is what holds us together. 🙂 “

Lake Superior Beach Engagement Session

Cody and Chelsea are getting married in fall 2023. They live downstate, but planned a week in July to come up for vacation, and we were so glad to coordinate to meet while they were up north! Chelsea and Cody are laid-back and super chill. It was a quiet, foggy afternoon on the beach at Lake Superior, but it was perfect because it meant we had the beach completely to ourselves. This was unexpected as it was a holiday weekend – but it made creating beautiful, natural portraits a breeze. Often Rob and I find ourselves needing to change our angles and move back and forth in order to keep people out of the background, but not today!

Tahquamenon Bay Beach Engagement Pictures

The beach along Lake Superior Shoreline Road is long and shallow. Although it’s fairly close to the road, a line of trees separates the beach from the highway and it’s surprisingly quiet.

While everyone loves sitting and watching the blue waves of Superior on a sunny day, overcast days like this are ideal for portraits. The clouds diffuse the sunlight evenly which means soft light and no harsh lines or squinting from glare on the water!

Chelsea and Cody, thank you for finding time for your Lake Superior beach engagement session in your busy schedules! We are looking forward to seeing you again next year when you’re back in the Upper Peninsula for your wedding!


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