Hazy Lake Superior Engagement Session – Hunter + Emily

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I have a feeling the summer of 2023 will be remembered as the summer of wildfires. The Canada wildfires were just starting to burn, creating a glowy, hazy background for Hunter & Emily’s Lake Superior engagement session.

Emily and Hunter are getting married later this summer in the Keweenaw. They live in the Marquette area and love spending time along the shores of Lake Superior, so we decided to spend their engagement session at a couple of their favorite waterfront areas.

Their Story

Hunter and Emily met through online dating. Emily remembers Hunter had a hat on in his profile picture that she thought looked a little goofy, but she decided to connect with him anyway. They were both really nervous as they drove to their first date at Buffalo Wild Wings, but talking came easily and the date went great. On the way home Hunter started singing along to the radio – and all the nerves were gone.

They’re the same way now – comfortable together, easy conversation, and just enough silliness to keep things interesting. Rob and I love seeing couples together that just click – a great match like theirs is easy to spot!

Lake Superior Beach Engagement Session

It was a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon for Hunter and Emily’s Lake Superior engagement session on the beach. The Lake Superior Scenic Turnout west of Marquette is one of Emily’s favorite sandy beaches. They said the Sunday before, they had the entire beach to themselves. But, as we discovered, a Sunday in May is much different than a Sunday in June, and we walked down the shoreline until we found an unclaimed section of sand.

I love doing sessions along the water and prefer sandy beaches like this to the rocky beaches that populate much of the Keweenaw. The light, clean sand works as a natural reflector to bounce light back up into Hunter and Emily’s faces. This makes their skin extra luminous and free of color casting. In the words of Michael Scott, “Win-win-win!”

Hunter and Emily cooled off with a quick wade in Lake Superior. Emily said, “It’s not so bad once you’re numb!”

Emily’s ring is an elegant white gold setting with a pavé band. I loved all the sparkles!

Black Rocks Engagement Session on Lake Superior

After a quick outfit change, we headed over to Black Rocks / Presque Isle for the rest of Emily and Hunter’s engagement session. Presque Isle is a popular weekend destination, but the late afternoon crowds were starting to head out as we parked – perfect timing!

We love when couples choose two outfits for extra variety in their engagement session pictures! When planning I suggested we start with their dressier look and then transition to casual for their second location, and I loved how their light neutrals popped against the dark stones.

Fun fact – while writing this blog I searched “What is the geology of Black Rocks in Marquette? Here’s what I learned:

The name Presque Isle means “almost an island.” In fact, not too many years ago (to a geologist) the park was an island.  You can observe the old shorelines of glacial Lake Nipissing (pre-Lake Superior) from about 5,000 years ago at the bandshell and the gazebo near the entrance to the park.  The bluffs were formed by waves eroding into the island when the lake was about twenty-five feet higher.  An underwater ridge of sand developed between the island and the mainland, and when the lake lowered, the ridge became a land connection which geologists call a “tombolo.” The road to the Park is on the tombolo.

Underneath the sandstone is rock that locals refer to as “Black Rocks.” The Black Rocks are a metamorphosed igneous peridotite about 1.7 billion years old! The rock was exposed previously, because the Jacobsville Sandstone rests directly on top of that ancient erosional surface (called a nonconformity). You can see this nonconformity at many places in the Park, but probably best along the west side, south of “Sunset Point.”


In closing:

Emily & Hunter, thank you for spending part of your weekend with us for your Lake Superior engagement session! We truly enjoyed spending the afternoon with you two and getting to know you better. We’re so looking forward to meeting the rest of your family as they celebrate your marriage next month!

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