A-1 Toilets: Charley & Kaitlin

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A-1 Toilets: Upper Peninsula Portable Toilet Service

When I was originally contacted by COLE Publishing about a photo assignment with A-1 Toilets, I actually thought it was just another one of those spam emails that I get at least twice a week. (i.e. “We can get you on the first page of Google!” “Hello, I would like you to photograph my family reunion and also I’m going to overpay you, can you forward a payment to the caterer?” “We are looking for brand partners. Contact us today to promote our ____”) After doing a little more research, I realized this was a real company located right down the road in Wisconsin!

A few weeks later Rob and I spent the day driving around the Copper Country following Charley Heltunen of A-1 Toilets on his route servicing portable toilets from Porvoo Park to Dollar Bay and picking up units that were no longer needed.

Want to read the PRO (Portable Restroom Operator) article to learn more about the A-1 Toilets business? Click here to read the official article!

A Valuable Copper Country Service

Listen, I’m not here to give you the full history of A-1 Toilets and their business.

I DO encourage you to read the official article to learn more (linked above). It’s always exciting to see a local Copper Country business featured in a national specialty magazine!

A-1 Toilets Upper Peninsula

Here’s what you should know:

Charley and Kaitlin have expanded the business since purchasing it in 2019, updating equipment and learning what the locals prefer. A-1 Toilets services Keweenaw, Houghton, Ontonagon and Baraga Counties. After meeting Charley I now see his units pretty much wherever we go within the four counties!

Charley has one full-time employee, Paul, as well as a few locals who help seasonally depending on demand. He currently stocks a total of 267 portable restrooms to handle even the busiest summer weekends.

A-1 Toilets Upper Peninsula

This year A-1 Toilets purchased additional handicap-sized portable restrooms. He finds these are a big hit at weddings, where a little extra room is greatly appreciated! A-1 Toilets also provides portable restroom units for construction sites, local camps, and special events like the county fair.

Genuine, easygoing, and family-oriented, we really like Charley and his wife Kaitlin. (She’s who you will talk to when you call the office.) We are adding them to our recommended Copper Country trusted vendor list, and we hope you will give them a try, too!

Visit the A-1 Toilets site to plan for your next event!

Are you planning a wedding? Click here to read more on the blog!

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