What to Expect

Is this your first professional photography session? Are you wondering what to expect?

First, fill out the inquiry form so I can get to know you!

what to expect
what to expect before your session

After contacting Enjoy the VU Photography for your photo session, I will follow up with you to learn more about your goals for the session. The best way to have this conversation is on the phone! I get that you’re busy so it won’t take long, but it’s truly the best way to communicate. It will also help you feel more comfortable from the very beginning.

The purpose of our phone call is to make sure we are a good fit and to help you craft your vision. I’m not just calling you to decide the location of your session, but to cover styling and color schemes to fit your home, as well as answer any questions you may have. (Read more on what it means to be a full service photographer here.) This short time of preparation before ensures that you have your best session, feeling prepared and comfortable!

I will then send you a quote in writing, so you can accept a written contract for services. After you sign your contract and pay the retainer, your photography session will be officially scheduled!

First of all, expect to have some fun! I work to keep the shoot flowing and natural, no statues allowed! My style leans toward clean, natural, and timeless pictures that never go out of style.

Remember how awkward you felt during school photos when the photographer would manually pose you? Yeah, we’re not going to do that.

I encourage conversation, stories, laughter and love throughout our photography shoots, and enjoy the time to get closer to you and your family. After all, I plan to be your family photographer forever!

what to expect

Once your shoot is done I know you don’t want to wait months for your proofs. Expect to see sneak peeks of key photos in a matter of days, and your full session will be available within 2-3 weeks.

Large events and weddings may take longer (6-8 weeks), but I will advise of the turnaround time beforehand and communicate throughout the process so you don’t have to give it another thought.

After your photo reveal (either in person or virtual), your final gallery will be available on a password-protected page for web sharing. Print orders generally arrive 2-3 weeks after placing your order!

What’s next?

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Veronica Urbaniak is a Michigan photographer, specializing in family lifestyle photography and high school senior portraits based out of the Keweenaw Peninsula.