What to Expect

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Yay! You’ve decided I’m the right photographer for you and I’m SO excited to welcome you to the Enjoy the VU family! 🎉 I know you’re wondering what the next steps are and what you can expect when working with me.

Grab your hot beverage of choice while I share what you can expect from here!

Click this link to schedule a time for our get-to-know-you call. Select a time that works best for you, then you’ll be prompted to enter your name and contact information. There’s a spot in the form to ask any questions. If I can, I’ll email you back with answers even before your official consult call!

What To Expect:

Before Your Session or Wedding

In order to ensure that I can give you the best experience possible, I require a short get-to-know you call. This can be by phone, FaceTime, or Zoom – whatever works best for you. I recognize that you’ve got a busy life, and that’s actually why I require this brief call before you can book. Be honest – you know how it goes. You click Read E-mail, but you’re in a spot where you can’t reply right then, so you tell yourself that you’ll answer when you get home. You get home and there’s a million things going on, and you forget about replying to that e-mail until 10:50 p.m. as you’re falling into bed. Sound familiar?

Instead of spending parts of three or four days going back and forth over email when you remember, schedule a time that’s convenient for you for a brief 15-20 minute call with me. The purpose of this call is to make sure we’re a good fit and to help me get to know you. I’ll be able to answer all your questions, discuss available dates, and select the perfect location for your session.

If you’re a potential wedding client, I encourage both of you to hop on this call with Rob and me so we can get to know you as a couple. Rob and I want to make sure we’re the right photographers for you. We make a conscious effort to team up with couples who share our values so we can contribute most positively to your special day.

Immediately after our call, I’ll send over an email with your proposal. This form allows you to choose your photography collection. This data is auto-filled into your contract for signature and retainer payment. After you sign your contract and pay the retainer (50% for sessions, flat $500 fee for weddings), your photography session is officially scheduled!

During Your Session

First of all, expect to have some fun! We work to keep the shoot flowing and relaxed, no statues allowed! Our style leans toward bright, colorful, and timeless pictures that never go out of style.

Remember how awkward you felt during school photos when the photographer would manually pose you? Yeah, we’re not going to do that. Our goal is for you to remember how you felt, not how you were posed.

We encourage conversation, stories, laughter and love throughout our photography shoots, and LOVE getting to know you on a personal level.

If you’re a potential wedding client, click here to read about our approach to photographing weddings.

After Your Session

I get it! You’re so excited to see your pictures after your session. Expect to see sneak peeks of key photos in a matter of days, and your full session will be available for your viewing session within 2-3 weeks.

Large events and weddings may take longer (6-8 weeks), but I will advise of the turnaround time beforehand and communicate throughout the process so you don’t have to give it another thought.

After your photo reveal (either in person or virtual), your final gallery will be available on a password-protected page for web sharing.

I place print orders on Monday mornings. Most orders will be available for delivery or pickup within 3 weeks after I have done a final quality check.

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What’s next?

Get to know Rob & Veronica here!

Visit my blog for more planning tips and tricks!

Enjoy the VU Photography is a husband and wife photography team based out of the Keweenaw Peninsula.