Session FAQs

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Before the Session FAQs:

When should I schedule my session?

Permitting I have the date available, you can schedule your photo session any time you want to, even if it’s a year in advance! All I require is a paid retainer and signed contract to reserve your date.

While I am happy to work you in on short notice if I have availability, I encourage you to schedule your session at least two weeks out (and farther out in the fall!) to allow you enough time to plan and feel prepared for our time together.

How do you take payments?

To reserve your session date, I require retainer payment and a signed contract due within 7 days of signing your contract.

Portraits: 50% retainer for portraits with the remaining balance due on or before your photo session.
Weddings: Flat $500 retainer regardless of the collection you select, with the remaining balance due 30 days before your wedding.

I have a completely digital system which makes it simple even using a phone! Select your package, sign the contract, and pay your retainer from any device. You can pay with bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, or mail a check – whatever works best for you.

May I choose my location, and how many locations do I get?

After we discuss your family portraits and decide on what will best complement the rest of your home, I will provide a short list of locations for you to select from. All of these location options will allow for a nice variety of backgrounds without spending extra time driving around the Keweenaw!

Can you help with wardrobe?

Of course! Wardrobe can make or break having a stylish and classy session. In addition to sharing style guides and blog posts, I offer free consultations so that I can direct you in selecting and/or purchasing the wardrobe you want for your style. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to this topic!

Do you offer hair and makeup?

Like wardrobe, hair and makeup is important. I can recommend a stylist, but this is not an included service at this time.

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Day of Session FAQs:

What happens if it rains the day of our session?

If it rains on the day of your shoot, we can reschedule for another day or move the time up/back on the same day. Alternatively, we may have the option to move your session to an indoor location.

If it’s just a little gloomy, we can often still shoot outdoors without a problem. In fact, cloud coverage makes for some gorgeous photographs. The weather can be a little unpredictable here in the Copper Country; over our years of living in the area I have found AccuWeather to be the most accurate.

The skies opened up just 20 minutes after this shot!

What happens if my child freaks out?

This is a completely normal fear and I get it. Kids are unpredictable and sometimes a temper tantrum is inevitable. When this happens, we will simply take a little break, allow you to calm your child down by talking/feeding/playing and then take the appropriate steps to easing back into the session. We’ll spend family sessions playing games, singing, dancing – basically whatever helps you and your kids forget you’re in front of a camera! 😉

I will never force photos or send you on your way. That’s a promise!

Will you pose us? We’re not models.

I walk you through everything from start to finish! Come relaxed and ready to have fun for your family pictures!

After the Session FAQs:

Do you provide prints if I would rather you print them?

Absolutely! And trust me – they will look much better than you trying to print them yourself at Walgreen’s. You will be able to see all the variety of prints and framing options when your gallery goes live!

I don’t feel comfortable meeting in person to view my images. Can I just view them online?

I have a program that allows us to view your pictures together, and review any additional touchups you request. We will even create some sample images on your walls to see how they will look! After this digital images will be delivered via Pixieset.

What’s your favorite coffee drink?

I am always down for a dirty chai latte or a mocha with soy! But really, those are my road trip drinks. Day to day it’s just regular coffee with a little hazelnut creamer!

Can I share my photos on social media?

Of course! I love it when people share their images. Every gallery includes web-sized images ready for posting on social media. It is greatly appreciated when you tag me ( on both Facebook and Instagram) and link back to my website where possible. This helps more awesome people like you find me!

How do I book and what’s required?

Your session is not “official” until you have signed your contract and paid the 50% retainer. Fill out the form below to take the first step!

What’s next? Fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours!