Working From Home During COVID-19

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Most people don’t know this about me, but I’ve actually been working from home either part-time or full-time since 2012! While I’m spending more time indoors just like everyone else this month, I feel like I have a bit of a “leg up” compared to many.

Even as a type A “do all the things and do them right the first time and on time” personality, it took some adjustments to find my groove when I started working more and more from home.

While we don’t have any kids to wrangle while trying to work, here are some of my best tips for staying productive while working from home!⠀⠀⠀

Working From Home: Wake Up, Get Up, and Get Things Done

Set an alarm and stick to it. It’s SO tempting to justify sleeping in by that time you aren’t spending commuting to the office, but two snooze buttons and a coffeemaker mishap later, you’re starting work WAY later than you planned and spend the rest of the day playing catch up.

Get dressed every day. Now, in full transparency, I’m fully on #teamcomfortable when it comes to sitting at my computer for a good portion of the day, but I always make sure to shower, change OUT of my PJs and into fresh clothes. Sometimes it’s just leggings and sometimes it’s a pair of jeans, but I always feel better when I take a little bit of time to look like I tried to get dressed. This gets my brain out of lounge mode and into work mode!

Put in at least a little bit of makeup and do your hair. This may be the one where you say, ‘whoa, Veronica – what’s the point? No one will see me except my spouse so what’s the point?’ I’m not telling you to go full on glam, but have you ever walked by a mirror and done a double take because you didn’t realize you looked half dead without any makeup on? I know I have! I make sure to put on at least a little bit of makeup (mascara and brows at a minimum) so I feel more like myself even if I’m not leaving the house for the day. Messy buns are for getting things done, but if you have some extra time check out Kate at The Small Things Blog. Kate is a former hairdresser and now lifestyle blogger with tons of easy to follow hair and beauty tutorials!

Keep a schedule.⠀I live and die by my daily planner. Sunday nights I plan out my week and spread out chores and other things on my to do list. I get so much satisfaction putting that check mark down once I complete each item on my list! ☑️⠀⠀

Working from home with your spouse? Abra at Capitol Hill Style has a better post than I could attempt to put into words, so go show her a little love!

Working From Home: Find a Way to Make the Weekend Special

Combining working from home with social distancing / stay home, stay safe orders means the days all start to blur together.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know when I say It. Has. Been. A. Week. Have you been social distancing this week too? Either way, the weekend is a great time to unwind with some self care!⠀⠀

Self Care During Social Distancing

Take a hike! The snow is finally melting here in the Upper Peninsula and trails may be a bit wet but they are open! Fresh air does the soul good. While this isn’t the time to hang out with a group of people, there are dozens of hiking trails and wildlife sanctuaries you can explore with your household!

Pamper yourself! Take a bubble bath, paint your toes, or dig through all those Ipsy samples you have in a box in the closet (yeah, I know you have one … I do too!) and try something new, like a new eyeshadow or hair treatment. This is a great time to spend a little more time on yourself. 💅

Turn off your social media for the day. Everyone is a lot more active online right now and it seems like there is always a new update – but what I have noticed is they all run together after a little bit because they’re all talking about the SAME topic! My phone has a great feature called “focus mode” that allows me to deactivate selected apps for a set period of time (IG/FB, etc). When my phone isn’t sending me distracting reminders, I feel so much more present and relaxed!

I hope these ideas help you during your social distancing period. We’re all in this together, so share below if you have more tips that will benefit everyone!

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