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What It Means To Be A Full Service Photographer

What does it mean to be a full service photographer, and why does this matter for you?

In the current market, there are two overall options clients look at when selecting their family photographer: A.) a “shoot-and-burn” photographer or B.) a full service photographer. If you don’t know the difference (or if you never knew there was an option), don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Allow me to explain:

“Shoot-and-Burn” Photographer

The term “shoot-and-burn” photographer typically refers to new photographers or hobbyist photographers that charge one set session fee and deliver all of the minimally edited digital files from the session. Back in the day, they would deliver all of the images on a burned CD disc. (“Shoot” pictures, then “burn” onto disc.) Although we have moved beyond CDs to USB drives, online galleries, and other photo storage solutions, the term still remains in effect.

While this is in no way a dig towards this genre of photographer – as truly, I think that is how most photographers get started – the fact of the matter is often this is not a cost-effective way to run a business.* This leads to either minimal editing being done before delivering images or quickly realizing they cannot support themselves as a legal business. They also often end up shooting in JPG format, which limits the capability they have to edit and enhance their images.

In addition, due to the high volume required in order to have a sustainable business, these photographers typically spend minimal time with each client because they need to keep a very full schedule in order to make ends meet.

Summary: “Shoot-and-burn” photographers do just that; they take the images and deliver the files.

*There are many well-known professional wedding photographers such as Katelyn James who operate under a model that includes all files with your session. This blog article does not apply to wedding photographers who provide all images from a wedding in an online gallery, as we provide that, too!

Full Service Photographer

A full service photographer takes a much more customer-centered approach to their business, with the aim of offering a personalized photography experience to each client.

As a full service photographer, I believe in excellent customer service, making each family feel completely comfortable and confident. I educate them on their options, fulfill their needs, and deliver beautiful finished products that are ready to be hung on the wall, no additional work required. Rest assured I will educate you on all your options as well as guide you to what will work best in your home!

What’s the process?

The first time I speak with you is not to pick a date and a location. Instead, I want to get to know you and your family. I want to hear what your plans are, and where you envision yourselves in the future.

Next, we discuss your home and where and how you want to use your images. Do you want an album for the coffee table in your living room? Do you want framed images hanging them in your bedroom? Maybe your living room or kitchen? Your choice will affect how we design your session, everything from the feeling of the images – Silly? Romantic? A nice family reunion portrait? – to your selection of clothing for your family. If your outfits clash with the wall color, are you really going to feel proud displaying your images to visiting family and friends?

framed pictures and an album sit on a white desk, full service photographer providing framed portraits

After we determine how you want to use your images (framed images, canvas wraps, albums, cards), then we will finally move on to planning a location and date!

Was that more than you expected to read when you read what to expect for your session? I hope so! As your full service photographer, I do more than schedule a photo shoot, take pictures, and mail a disc of files to you. As my full service client, you will be treated much better than that, because you deserve to have your memories preserved to be appreciated and treasured for years to come!

Experience the Difference

Your photo session should be more than just a check on your long “to-do” list. Make it an experience you look forward to, filled with laughter and excitement. Plan your session with a photographer you can trust to capture your emotions and personalities but also deliver high-quality heirloom pieces that will last a lifetime. I make sure that you get  print and digital copies of each image you purchase. Share them online today and display them in your home forever!

As your full service photographer, I process each image individually with great attention to detail to ensure that you look your best in each and every frame.

Your family deserves more than a few days of “likes” online.

If you’re ready to experience the difference for yourself, contact Enjoy the VU Photography, the premier full service photographer in the Keweenaw Peninsula!

What’s the next step?

Click here to fill out your session inquiry! I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can talk about your custom shoot today!

portraits that coordinate to home design is a part of full service photographer services

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