New Decade: A Thought on Resolutions

Inspirational quote on a winter background: We will not be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose

I don’t make resolutions.

I believe, as a certain Anne said, “Every day is fresh with no mistakes in it yet.” ⠀

But when I saw this quote, it resonated so deeply with me I felt compared to share.

“We will not be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose.”

I recognized some time in the middle of 2019 how getting on Instagram left me with a sick, frantic feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was following accounts – too many accounts – that left me questioning why *I* wasn’t doing as well as they were doing – why they were constantly coming up with other ideas when I was struggling to balance working with my husband window cleaning, doing other contract work online, and trying to get this little photography endeavor to grow in the meantime. I was drowning in work already – and yet I didn’t feel like I was doing enough.

There were a lot of Instagram outages in 2019. I remember feeling so frustrated that my feed wouldn’t update, not knowing why, and not recognizing how addicted I had become to comparing the lives of others to my own. Fortunately, each time there was an outage I would force myself to Stop Checking. Stop Checking Instagram. Be Productive. During these “forced breaks,” I realized how much happier I was when I couldn’t scroll someone else’s highlight reel, couldn’t watch someone else’s behind the scenes and wonder why my introverted self couldn’t push myself to share the way they did.

I’m not sure why it took those forced disconnects when Instagram would go down for me to recognize this, but finally things started to click. First step – I unfollowed every account that made me feel like someone less than. Turns out, those stories I watched daily, always trying to keep up with, were just distracting me from living my own.

I actually spend a lot less time on Instagram now than I used to.

Most of my content is scheduled ahead of time so I don’t have to think about being available to post at the “ideal” time or worrying if I missed it and wondering if it was “too late” to post what I had in mind. But I feel so much more productive now, and I can occasionally browse Instagram without those sick, panicky feelings I used to get.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Whether you have new goals for this year or you’re just trying to get through another day, I promise today will be a little easier if we can all work on avoiding the comparison game. Let’s all be cheerleaders for one another instead!

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7 thoughts on “New Decade: A Thought on Resolutions

  1. Such a great mindset. I can for sure use this in my own business as well! It’s a tough world with the instagram comparison stuff! I need to schedule posts too!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Let me know how it goes for you – it took a huge load of stress off me to spend at most an hour and have a couple of weeks of posts ready to go!

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